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Is inclusion the gamechanger? Creating an organisation with an inclusive culture is like preparing a football team to win the premiership. It takes focus, discipline, effort and passion AND you must play your heart out for all four quarters of the game! Carlton Football Club is on the journey to inclusion. Join us as we bring together thought leaders and business partners to share learnings and workshop methodologies to become game changers for inclusion both on-and-off the field.

Quarter 4 of the ‘Visy Blue Skies Diversity and Inclusion Series’ will focus on how organisations can embed Diversity and Inclusion into their company’s strategy.  This workshop will include a recap of the previous three sessions and aim to equip leaders with a strategy to keep their companies on track with Diversity and inclusion initiatives.  Kate Jenkins and Colin Pidd will present case studies and evidence based research to support inclusion in all its forms. 



This four-quarter workshop series will give you practical and detailed advice to help you build an inclusive environment in your workplace. Workshop and learnings - Identify the challenges and road blocks - Learn how to start the conversation - Learn the economic and social benefits of inclusion


Quarter 1 Thursday 16 March Why inclusion? Why now? How to start the conversation

Quarter 2 Thursday 4 May Building your business case Where’s the starting point?

Quarter 3 Thursday 10 August Creating the strategy and taking action

Quarter 4 Friday 27 October Navigating the bumps, how to course-correct and embed your strategy


AFLW | Blue Skies | October Event | 2017

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AFLW | Blue Skies | October Event | Group Package | 2017

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